How to Identify Pure Essential Oils & Genuine Essential Oil Suppliers?

The market of essential oils is increasing day by day because of the amazing properties that this natural substitute holds and the fact that these properties are considered very useful and beneficial for humankind. If we talk about the uses, essential oils are being used for aromatherapy since the past few decades that made them very popular and many individuals move forward for purchasing these natural oils to concoct natural blends into homemade remedies used for curing various ailments. But, what is the essential oil you are about to use to cure your cold and stress is not pure or just a fake, or what if, essential oil manufacturers in India from where you are stocking up the oils are not reliable and trustworthy?

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This is indeed a matter of concern that the spots from where you have been buying essential oils wholesale are tricking you and are providing you the bad quality of chemical-based oils. Know the question is from where to find such spots that are offering natural, pure, and good quality essential oils and also about how to identify which essential oil supplier is the best. Well, for this, here are a few methods listed that you can use to determine the quality of the essential oils before stocking them up.

So, let us have a look at the list:

  • Pure essential oils are always stored in glass bottles made up of dark amber. So, while purchasing any oil from any shop, always notice in what types of bottles the oils are kept there. This will help you in identifying whether this place is worth buying oils or not.
  • One another way to test the purity of essential oils is that the pure essential oils never leave any residue on the paper. So, while heading towards buying natural oils, it is advised to test oils by pouring one or two drops on paper and see whether they are leaving behind any residue or not.
  • One more quality that can be used to differentiate between pure and fake essential oils is that the pure ones do not feel greasy or oily when touched or applied while the ones that are either fake or are prepared with chemicals have a greasy feel.
  • Also, pure essential oils contain no or zero artificial substances that can be tested blending certain oil with the chemical that is reactive to them. Long story short, this test is basically a lab test that is not possible for everyone to perform. But, this is also sure to go the option to test whether the essential oil you are purchasing is pure or chemical-based.

Well, picking up good essential oils is not very difficult when you have expertise on how to differentiate oils on the basis of their properties which are pure and which are not. Only a bit of research is needed to know everything about them from where they are extracted and, of course, how they are extracted.

Now, after this, it is also necessary for you to know about the factors that impact the quality of the oils. Well, there are a number of factors that work when it is about compromising with the quality of the oils. And, they begin right from the time when the parent plant is grown, harvested, and up to the time when the oil is being extracted from them.


Some of such factors are listed below:

  • To produce good quality essential oils, it is very much needed to be sure about the way the plants are grown. With the use of pesticides and other chemical compositions while growing plants, the quality of the oil can be deteriorated.
  • Apart from the physical conditions, the natural factors are also there that affect the oil quality. Some of the factors that work are the variability in altitude, conditions of soil used for growing plants, and amount of rainfall.
  • One thing that can severely affect the quality of the oil is the plant species and varieties that are used for the extraction of oil.
  • After the plants are grown, the next thing that affects the quality of the oil is the way that these oils are extracted and processed. There are many firms that use adulteration while processing the oil that ruins the quality of the oils.
  • The other factors that might affect the quality of the oil are the packaging, storage, and handling of the oils after processing them. If these oils are exposed to heat, light, or oxygen, their quality reduced. That is why; it is always advised to take proper care while using these natural oils.

Now, talking about identifying the genuine essential oil manufacturers and suppliers, it is very much needed to remember that whenever any two essential oils are having the same names, the method of extraction, origin, and plant species used might be different. But, this not at all means that one is better than the other or any one of them is fake or original. So, while purchasing any essential oil, take your time, and always choose the one that suits your body chemistry the best in every aspect. That is why; is here offering the customers with its amazing and huge range of natural substitutes from which one can buy certified organic oils online very easily and inexpensively as well.

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